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2024 Group Classes: Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions

A group class is a 6-week course, purchased and paid for as a whole.  These policies refer to the the entire 6-week course, not each individual class.

Payment for a group class (6-week course) is due in full as part of the on-line registration process.  Places are not held without payment.

Notice of intent to withdraw from a (6-week) course with more than one week's notice from the start date of the (6-week) course will result in a refund minus a $35 administrative fee.  Withdrawals with less than a week's notice from the start date of the entire 6-week course will not be eligible for a refund. 

Requests to transfer to another (6-week) course within a week of the start date of the original (6-week) course can be made and the payment will be transferred in full.  Requests to transfer with less than a week's notice will incur an additional $35 administrative fee, due at the time of rescheduling.

Once a course has started, requests to switch to another course cannot be made without a new payment. Payments for group classes cannot be credited towards private lessons. Courses will not be pro-rated for missed classes and credits for missed classes cannot be applied to future classes or private lessons.


Make ups for missed sessions are not available.  If a class is canceled for bad weather, then a make up session will be offered.  If you cannot attend the make up session, the class will be forfeited.  Extra help will always be offered, in class, to help you get caught up if you miss a class.


If your dog cannot come to class, you can come without your dog so that you do not miss class material.  If you cannot make it to class, you are welcome to send your dog to class with a friend, or other helper so your dog does not miss class.  Dogs in heat should not come to class.


Proof of vaccination is required prior to coming to class.  Puppies should have had at least one round of vaccines a week prior to the first day they attend and should stay up to date for their age on boosters.  Socialization of puppies before vaccination is complete is important, read more HERE.  Adult dogs should be current on DAPP (or equivalent), Rabies and Bordetella.  Titers are accepted.


Dogs do not need to be spayed or neutered to attend group training class, however: Female dogs in heat may not attend class during their heat cycle and intact male dogs that mark repeatedly will be required to wear a belly band during class, provided by the pet parent.


We love it when kids get involved in training their dog. Historically, children age 4 and up have done well in class. Children under 18 must always be accompanied by an adult.  Children are always encouraged to participate in the training.  Snacks may not be eaten during class time.  Prior to bringing children to class you can discuss the following to help prepare them:

  • We should remain standing or sitting on a stool, and not lie on the floor.  We don't want puppies to climb on kids.

  • We never run or act crazy around dogs. When we are calm, it helps dogs stay calm.

  • If a puppy jumps up we will cross our arms and turn our back to the puppy.  A near-by adult will intervene and redirect the puppy.

  • Sometimes puppies scratch us by accident.

  • We pet puppies with one hand down their back, never on top of their heads.  We never hug dogs.

  • We can ask puppies to sit for treats, but we always ask the puppy's mom or dad if it is ok first.


The facility is 5,600 sq ft of open warehouse space.  When the weather allows, the roll up doors and windows will be open for fresh air.  The facility is cleaned/ sanitized daily for the health and safety of both dogs and people.  Two people per dog are welcome to attend class.

Anyone who is repeatedly coughing, sneezing or who exhibits any symptoms of illness will be asked to leave class. If you have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 within the last 14 days, please do not come to class. 

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