An $80 deposit is required to hold your spot in a class.  You will be emailed an invoice that you can pay online.  The balance will be paid on the first day of class.  

Your deposit can be transferred to another class or refunded with a minimum of 2 business days notice prior to the start of your class. 

Once the class has started, refunds will not be given and requests to switch to another class cannot be made (unless a new deposit is made). Payments for group classes cannot be credited towards private lessons.  


Make ups for missed sessions are not available, with three exceptions:  If you or a family member has to get a Covid test and are waiting on results (or are positive), if I cancel a class for bad weather, or if your dog contracts Kennel Cough.  In any of these cases, every reasonable attempt will be made to help you make the class up.

If your dog cannot come to class, you can come without your dog so that you do not miss class material.  If you cannot make it to class, you are welcome to send your dog to class with a friend, or other helper so your dog does not miss class.  Courses will not be pro-rated for missed classes.


Class may be canceled for bad weather.  You will be notified by email if a class is canceled.  If a class is canceled for bad weather, a make-up session will be scheduled.  If you cannot attend the make up session, every reasonable attempt will be made to help you make the class up. 


I want you to feel safe when you come to class.  The facility is 5,600 sq ft of open warehouse space. There are two large bay doors that will remain open during class time to fill the space with fresh air.  Windows at the opposite end will be open to provide cross ventilation. This means it is chilly in the winter and warm in the summer.  Please dress accordingly.  The HVAC system remains on to help move the air.  Surfaces are regularly wiped down with disinfecting wipes.

People are required to wear a face mask.  The mask must cover your nose, mouth and chin at all times.  The CDC now recommends double masking unless you have a KN95 or N95 mask.  People are asked to maintain at least 6 feet from those not in their immediate family.  Two people per dog are welcome to attend class.

In Puppy classes, the dogs play off leash.  They will make contact with each other.  I need to interact with the puppies to keep them safe in play.  I ask students to refrain from petting someone else's puppy without asking the owner first. While most people have been ok with this, some have expressed concern about having their puppy pet and we want everyone to feel comfortable. Just ask the owner before petting a puppy.

In upper level classes, including Basic Good Manners, the dogs do not need to interact if an owner doesn't want them to.  Dog interactions would be limited to saying hello on the potty break, and it is easy to avoid interactions if you prefer.

Anyone who is repeatedly coughing, sneezing or who exhibits any symptoms of illness will be asked to leave class. 

A class will not have more than 8 dogs participating in it at one time, with the exception being the Saturday morning Puppy Socialization Class.