Classes & Schedule

Classes are held at Pet Paradise, 601 Concord Ave, Charlottesville VA 22903


To register for a class, please email with the following information:

Dog's Name, Age, Breed

Your Name, Address, Phone Number

The Veterinary practice you use & dates of vaccines

Any Behavior Concerns you have


Puppy Kindergarten

For Pups 8 - 16 weeks of age at the start of class

6 weeks / $170 / each class is 1 hour

Class covers sit, down, look, touch, come, leash walking, stay, leave it, polite greeting and more.  Play time is included in class.  Puppies can earn the AKC STAR in this class if desired. 

October 6 at 6 pm - FULL

October 27 at 7:15 pm (skips 11/24, ends 12/8) - FULL


Puppy Kindergarten Crash Course: A full 6 week course in 3 weeks.  Get your pup trained before the holidays!

Nov 16 & 18, Nov 30 & Dec 1, Dec 7 & 9  All classes meet from 7:15 - 8:15 pm

Puppy Play & Socialization Group

For pups 8 - 20 weeks old

9 - 9:50 am Saturdays


Pre-registration is required, please email

Puppy Socialization means more than just off-leash play.  While this class does include off-leash play, it also provides enrichment and interesting experiences that are a critical part of a young puppy's education. 


Every Saturday Morning from 9 - 9:50 am

Play group will skip: Nov 28, Dec 19, 26, Jan 2

Basic Good Manners

For Dogs 4.5 months old and up

6 weeks / $170 / each class is 1 hour 

Class covers sit, down, look, touch, come, leash walking, stay, leave it, polite greeting (not jumping up)

August 27 at 6 pm - FULL

September 14 at 6 pm - FULL

October 28 at 6 pm (skips 11/25, ends 12/9) - FULL

Building on Basics Class

To be taken after BGM / PK or equivalent course

6 week / $170 / each class is 1 hour

Class covers stay proofing, attention among distractions, duration to attention, improving basic leash walking skills, recall past distractions, go to mat, drop it and more

October 8 at 7:15 pm - FULL

October 26 at 6 pm (skips 11/23, ends 12/7) - one spot left


Games Class

6 weeks, $170, each class is 1 hour long

A fun way to practice and proof what you have learned in the two foundation level classes.  Introduction to Shaping, Reading (yes, we teach the dogs to read!) and Name Your Toys

September 9 at 7:15 pm - FULL

October 8 at 6 pm - FULL

Loose Leash Lassie / Focused Fido

7 weeks / $170 / each class is 45 min 

You can't have a Loose Leash Lassie if you don't have a Focused Fido!  While the ultimate goal of this class is to improve your leash walking skills, a lot of time is spent learning how to deal with distractions.  This class is for dogs who are hopelessly distracted by the environment around them and eager to greet every dog / person / squirrel / leaf they see.  This class is not for dogs who bark and lunge at dogs and people on walks (that is best addressed in Reactive Rover or Private Lessons)

Therapy Dog Class

For dogs 1 yr of age and up who have had Basic Good Manners Training

6 weeks / $175 / each class is 1 hour

testing is optional at the end of the course / $15

The Therapy Dog Class is designed to help you become a certified therapy team with your dog. You will take 6 weeks of classes, which will help prepare you to pass a test and give you skills to help you while working in the field.  Testing is optional at the end of the 6 week course.  Class starts with an orientation night just for people (no dogs)

The Schedule will be posted shortly

Canine cognition

6 weeks / $170 / each class is 1 hour

Challenge yourself and your dog in this class! Class material includes learning to identify shapes, copy things that we do, and learning a sequence of behaviors. A fun class for the advanced (and patient) dog/handler team who love the process of learning together.

The Schedule will be posted shortly

Tricks Class

4 weeks / $115 / each class is 1 hour

Come have fun with your dog! Learn Peek-a-Boo, Sit Pretty, Chill Out, and much more.

Reactive Rover

For dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs while on leash.  Learn how to modify the emotions that are the underlying cause of your dog's behavior.  Improve your dog's self control and help him make better choices in the presence of other dogs. 

The Schedule will be posted shortly

Private Lessons

Behavior Modification and/ or manners training in one-on-one sessions.  These can take place in-person or on Zoom, or a combination of both.  For prices and appointments please email





Hours of Operation

Mon - Thurs, Sat


601 Concord Ave

Charlottesville VA 22903

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