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Play time opportunities as unique as your dog

stay tuned! over the next few months we'll be rolling out more unique playtime opportunities

Please use the "Request Paytime" Button to make a reservation. Please include:

  1. Names of Dog(s) that will be attending

  2. The day and time you'd like to come to play

  3. The last class you took including date

Sunday Specials

Private Reservations are available for playtime in themed rooms: Agility or Fun Park

  • 5,600 sq ft of indoor play space with non-slip floor

  • Climate controlled: Perfect for play during inclement weather

  • Sanitized Daily

  • Come alone or bring some dog friends

  • Physical and mental exercise for your dog, They'll go home tired!

  • Option for solo play means dogs who don't get along with other dogs or people can come and play

  • Themes alternate weeks, equipment is set up for you in advance so all you have to do is come and play

agility room1_edited.jpg

Sunday Specials are perfect for...

  • Dogs who don't do well with other dogs

  • Siblings who need a change of scene and an adventure together

  • Dog friends looking for a neutral space for a playdate

  • Dogs that need additional training time away from distractions at home

  • Dogs that would benefit from the boost in confidence that comes from mastering the equipment

  • Dogs who don't have other off leash opportunities

  • A birthday treat for your dog

  • Gifting to the dog-lover in your life, inquire about a gift certificate

Click Here to see a Photo Gallery of Agility and Fun Park


  • Must have completed a group training class or be a client of Behavior Consulting

  • Guardians stay with their dogs at all times

  • Guardians are responsible for cleaning up after their dog and leaving the space ready for the next client

  • Guardians assume all responsibility for ensuring safe play – Sessions are not supervised by staff.


$35 for the first dog, $15 for each sibling, 3 dogs max per session 

$35 per dog when coming from different households, 3 dog max per session

Sundays Only

  • 60 minute time slots with 15 min between sessions to ensure smooth transitions

  • Reservations should be made at least 24 hrs in advance

  • This is not group play with other dogs (unless you bring a few friends), this is time for you to play with your dog(s)

  • See Schedule of availability below

Fun Park

  • Ball Pit

  • Bottle Pool

  • 4-Way Tunnel

  • Streamer Tunnel

  • Climbing toys

  • Swing

  • iDig

  • Toy Bin

  • Bubbles

  • Klimb Table Tower

  • Bonus Bone

Reservations are for 60 minutes



June 9

9 am: reserved for NO

10:15 am

11: 30 am

12:45 pm: reserved BP

2 pm:reserved KD

3:15 pm

June 23

9 am

10:15 am

11: 30 am

12:45 pm: reserved BP

2 pm:reserved KD

3:15 pm

Agility Room

  • A-Frames (mini and small)

  • Dog Walk (small)

  • Ladders

  • Jumps

  • Cavalettis

  • Rocker Boards

  • Balance Discs

  • 18 foot Tunnel

  • Klimb Tables

  • Toy Bin

  • Bonus Bone

Reservations are for 60 minutes



June 16

9 am: reserved M&A

10:15 am

11: 30 am: reserved KB

12:45 pm: reserved BP

2 pm: reserved KD

3:15 pm

June 30

9 am: reserved M&A

10:15 am: reserved SW

11: 30 am

12:45 pm - reserved BP

2 pm:reserved KD

3:15 pm: reserved for NO

*Playtime reservations are for training clients only, not for business use

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