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Behavior Consulting and General Manners for the Family Dog

When you trust our team with your dog's education, you'll find that we bring extensive knowledge, professionalism and a joy of facilitating relationships between dogs and their people to our lessons. We teach people with as much patience and compassion as we teach dogs.

Whether your dog needs basic manners training or help with aggression, studies have shown that force-free training based on the science of how dogs learn is the best choice for your furry family member. It's what your dog would choose!

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for general manners classes

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2024 Readers Choice_Winner (1).jpg

Thank you for making us the Winner again for 2024. We couldn't have done it without your support!


Special Announcements

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Getting a Puppy?

Plan ahead!  You can register for puppy classes before you have your pup, or have picked out a name.  Name and vaccine info can be updated later.  Registering early ensures you get a spot in class.

Not sure when to start puppy classes? Read HERE about the importance of early socialization and why it is ok to start class before vaccination is complete. 

Private Puppy Consults are available to get you some immediate help with your new puppy. An assistant trainer is available to come to your house and help with potty training, chewing, crate training, basic manners or anything else puppy-related! Puppy consults are for dogs under 24 weeks of age. Sessions are 1 hour at $165.

general manners classes

behavior consultations


Canine Behaviorist

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General Information
Charlottesville Dog Training

Classes are held at 918 B Harris St, Charlottesville VA 22903

  • We offer Group Classes and Private Behavior Consults

  • Group Classes and Behavior Consults use only force-free training methods.  This means that none of the training uses force, fear, or threat of pain to achieve results.  

  • We use clickers to expedite the learning of new material.  If you prefer to use a different "marker" other than the clicker, that's no problem!  Many people prefer a verbal marker like "yes".

  • Group classes aim to teach you and your dog skills that will make daily life with your dog easier: Dogs who don’t pull on leash, jump on guests and can come when called are more fun to be around!

  • Private Behavior Consulting Services aim to modify existing problems, or address developing problems early.  There is always room for improvement in behavior problems, no matter how long your dog has been doing it or how old your dog is

  • Puppy classes focus on the early socialization and training of puppies.

  • Pups can come to class before their vaccinations are complete, in fact it is necessary so that we catch them during the critical period for socialization. 

  • For the safety of these young pups, cleaning is taken very seriously. Roughly 3 hours a day are spent cleaning and sanitizing the facility to ensure it is puppy-ready.  Bleach is used because bleach kills parvo. 

  • A sanitary, indoor potty area is provided for puppies who are not yet using public grass 

  • Our classroom is approximately 5,000 sq feet and comfortably fits 7-9 dogs. The recycled rubber floor provides safety and comfort for dogs. The training stations were designed with convenience and comfort of humans in mind

  • You are always welcome to observe a class before signing up

  • At this time, the business does not offer dog day care, board and train or pet sitting services 


Love My Clients

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