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You Might Be a Dog Mom If...

Here's a little Mother’s Day humor to brighten your day.


…”Disguises Mud” or “Disguises Dog Hair” has ever factored into the purchase of any of your home furnishings

…you discover that the uncomfortable lump in your bed is a Kong and it doesn't phase you

...there are more leashes hanging on your coat rack than coats have a “car towel” regularly find treats at the bottom of your washing machine

...there are always 2 jars of peanut butter in your pantry and one of them has “DOG” written in on it

...your dog and your human child each have their own side of the couch, and you have ever said “Please move, that's the dog's side”

…you keep a tennis ball and a can of Vienna sausages in the glove box of your car for “emergencies”

…You cook fresh chicken, rice and veggies for your dog’s dinner, then pop open a can of soup for yourself

...your dog generates enough laundry to warrant having his own hamper

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