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Play time opportunities as unique as your dog. Pick the one that suits them best!

Please use the "Request Paytime" Button to send a request for Forest Friday or Private Facility Rental.  Please include:

  1. Your Dog's Name

  2. Type of Playtime you're interested in

  3. First and second choices for days and times

  4. Are you coming Solo, or let us know your Group Size

Current Groups: Lower Level

10 - 11 Big Kids  

11:15 - 12:15 Littles

12:45 - 1:45 Doodle Group

2 - 3 Mixed Bag

IPrivate Dog Park

curated group play | supervised | clean | climate controlled


The Private Dog Park runs at the facility (918 B Harris St) on Saturdays and consists of multiple small Play Groups that are alloted a specific time slot.


Membership is by invitation after aging out of Puppy Socialization ClassGroups are thoughtfully curated to ensure compatable sizes, playstyles and personalities. A staff member is always supervising to ensure play is safe and appropriate.  Guardians stay with their dog. 

Policies/ Requirements for the Private Dog Park:

  • By invitation after Puppy Socialization

  • Minimum attendance requirement of 2x per month

  • Neutered by 7 months of age or Spayed after first heat


$25 per dog

Coming Soon: Upper Level

9:30 - 10:30

10:45 - 11:45

12 - 1

1:30 - 2:30

2:45 - 3:45


Forest Fridays

outside | freedom | securely fenced | trails and creek


Forest Friday is for:

  • A group of dog friends who want an adventure

  • A birthday treat for your dog

  • A special outting for family dogs

  • Dogs that need more exercise

  • Dogs who don't have other off leash opportunities



Forest Fridays are an opportunity for you and your dog to safely experience freedom in nature.  When you come for a Forest Friday Adventure, you are surrounded by a 5 foot high fence encompassing roughly 5 acres of woods. There's a creek to splash in and marked trails for humans to follow. A staff member is alway nearby to ensure a safe and fun time. 

After Forest Friday, you can expect a tired, happy and dirty dog. A rinse with the hose can be given before your trip home. Humans should dress for the weather, you'll be outside the whole time. 

Two Hour reservations are available on Fridays from November through April. Come solo or bring your own group of dog friends!

Policies/ Requirements

  • Must have completed a group training class or be a client of Behavior Consulting

  • Guardians stay with their dogs

  • Guardians are responsible for cleaning up after their dog

  • Proof of vaccines: Lepto vaccine is recommended

  • Neuter/ Spay status does not matter if coming alone or with a sibling etc. If coming in a group, males neutered by 7 mos of age, females spayed after first heat

Location: Roughly 40 min drive south from the facility (918 B Harris St 22903) Details will be provided upon booking

Rate: (rate is for two hours of time)

$30 per dog - $40 for the first dog, $15 for each additional, 3 dogs max per session

* To give Forest Friday as a gift, please inquire about a gift certificate


Forest Fridays run November - April  

Weather related cancellations will be fully refunded or re-scheduled

Time slots are for Two hours:

10am -Noon


12:30-2:30 pm

2024 - 2025 Winter-Spring Openings for Forest Friday

January 12 @ 10 - BOOKED

January 19 @ 10 - BOOKED

Feburary 2 @ 10

February 2 @ 12:30

February 9 @ 10 - BOOKED

February 9 @ 12:30

February 16 @ 10 - BOOKED

February 16 @12:30 - BOOKED

March 1 @ 10

March 1 @ 12:30

March 8 @ 10 - BOOKED

March 8 @ 12:30

March 15 @ 10 - BOOKED

March 15 @ 12:30

April 12 @ 10 - BOOKED

April 12 @ 12:30

April 19 @ 10 - BOOKED

April 19 @ 12:30

Apil 26 @ 10

April 26 @ 12:30

Sunday Specials

indoors | climate controlled | clean | solo or small group

Reservations are available for Independent Play in one of two themed rooms: Agility or Fun Park*

  • 5,600 sq ft of indoor space with non-slip floor

  • Sanitized Daily

  • Climate controlled: exercise comfortably during inclement weather

  • Come alone or bring your dog friends

  • Unsupervised groups and option for solo play means dogs with behavior issues can come and play

Agility Room

  • A-Frames (mini and small)

  • Dog Walk

  • Ladders

  • Jumps

  • Cavalettis

  • Rocker Boards

  • Balance Discs

  • 18 foot Tunnel

facility 4_edited.jpg

Fun Park

  • Ball Pit

  • Bottle Pool

  • 4-Way Tunnel

  • Streamer Tunnel

  • Climbing toys

  • Swing

  • Slide

  • Balls and vasious Tous

  • Bubbles






**could start this now with downstairs onlty and have the themes alternate weeks, then after expansion offer both, one upstairs and one downstairs


Policies/ Requirements:

  • Must have completed a group training class or be a client of Behavior Consulting

  • Guardians must stay with their dogs

  • Guardians are responsible for cleaning up after their dog

  • Neuter/ Spay status does not matter if coming alone or with a sibling etc

  • Proof of vaccines

  • Sessions are unsupervised - guardians assume all responsibility for ensuring safe play


$40 for the first dog, $15 for each additional, 3 dogs max per session 

$35 for the first dog, $20 for each additional, 3 dog max per session

40 for the first dog, $15 for each sibling, max 3 dogs

40 per dog when coming from different households, 3 dogs max

perfect for...

dogs who don't do well with other dogs

siblings who need a change of scene / an adventure togehter

dogs that need addiotnal training time / confidence building

dogs who need a quiet place to practice trainign away from distractions at home

a climate controlled place ot play during inclemment weather

dogs who don;t have other off leash opportunities

a birthday treat for your dog

(the thought here is that Saturday group play is 25 each, so 3 dogs would total 75 and under this price structure, 3 dogs is still 75, I don’t want this to work out to be LESS expensive than the Saturday play or people could realize it’s better to drop out of that and do this instead so the total need to be over 75


Need Forms for this – break or Damage to equipment. Peeing on stuff, clean up etc

40 first dog, 25 each additional, max 3 = 90 (30/dog)

Sundays Only

50 minute time slots with 10 min between sessions to ensure smooth transitions

Themes alternate weeks

April 28: Fun Park

May 5: Agility

May 12: Fun Park (Mother's Day)

*Facility rental is not available for business use, playtime reservations are for clients only

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